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TAREing Is Caring!: A New Way Of Shopping

Updated: May 7, 2020

I have good news for all of us current or aspiring jar hoarders out there (trust me, you'll join the dark side soon)! Located in Minneapolis, the Tare Market is Minnesota's first zero-waste store and it welcomes jars of any shape, size, and color to be filled with items ranging from food staples to lotion and shampoo, to an aisle devoted solely to candy. They even offer a variety of jars to rent if you aren't like me, casually living with an ever growing box full of jars under your kitchen table!

Honestly, bulk buying has been one of the scarier changes for me simply due to the fact that I have heard it can be unrealistic for most people's expense budget. With that, I am so happy to report that my bulk shopping experience was less expensive than it would have been at the store for what I needed- and every single product was organic and ethically traded or made. From the moment I walked in, the employees were so welcoming and showed me how to properly weigh and find everything in the store, which eased all of my anxiety immediately.

A little bit about Tare Market's sustainability goals :

"Our main goal is to do our part to improve the environment and keep this planet, that we all call home, beautiful and healthy! We focus on providing accessible options for plastic-free, eco-friendly, and as-local-as-possible lifestyle products, bulk shelf stable foods (in our future permanent location), and refillable liquids.  In order to simplify the process for you, we make it our duty to vet the products we carry, so you can reduce your carbon footprint, lead a more sustainable lifestyle, and live more in tune with the natural environment."

I honestly have found a new obsession and am so excited at the possibilities of more stores like this opening up in every community. In my opinion, everyone deserves widespread accessibility to stores like these, and I am very hopeful that this becomes a reality. I am excited to support Tare Market in this movement towards a more sustainable and environmentally-conscious way to shop and consume every-day food and household items. (They are still open during Covid-19; you can place pickup orders online which come in paper or jars or you can go into the store with your own sanitized jars and a mask!)

Don't live in Minnesota? Check out their website to order online (they have pre-made zero waste kits linked here as well!)

Here is my very first food stash!

Finally found a way to repurpose my Bertrolli pasta sauce jars, soy sauce jar, and some glass Breanna's salad dressing bottles.

The First Haul:

-Chocolate Covered Pretzels

-Organic & Vegan BBQ sauce

-Organic Jasmine Rice

-Organic Olive Oil

-Organic Red Kidney Beans

-Local & Organic Dark Maple Syrup

(Not pictured: Dark Chocolate Coconut Cashew Chews & some tea which I am keeping a surprise until I release the interview with the owner of the company next week ;) )

Sustainable Products

I am going to spoil my little sisters graduation present (sorry Mia!) and show you some awesome sustainable products that Tare Market carries. My sister is just beginning her journey both in sustainable living and in college so I wanted to choose items that she uses every single day already and that she could show off to her friends and maybe inspire them to make the swap!

Not only does Tare Market carry bulk goods, they also carry sustainably made and packaged products to make these lifestyle changes simpler and more fun for you. They have bulk makeup, bamboo makeup tools, lotion, shampoos and conditioner, oils, toothpaste, menstrual pads/cups, eco-friendly lunch kits, and so much more.

Click here to look at an extensive list showing every product they carry with the current price!

The Brands

Meow Meow Tweet: Lavender Bergamont Deodorant Stick & Pink Rose Clay Face Bar

This small batch company from New York makes organic & vegan products hand wrapped in PCW paper or housed in glass containers. The colorful labels feature whimsical illustrations by one of the co-founders, Jeff. Their goal is to help everyone feel comfortable making small changes.

Twiggy Fresh Toothbrush (with toothpaste tabs from Tare):

Twiggy Fresh is inspired by the traditional natural method of oral care and they make their fully biodegradable bamboo toothbrush with the inspiration of Miswak, the teeth cleaning twig from the Salvadora Persica tree. (This toothbrush came in a cardboard box wrapped in a small piece of plastic so not 100% plastic-free but I can put it in my compost!)

HiBar Maintain Conditioner Bar:

HiBar teamed with hair care professionals to create products that change the way people care for their hair. They were able to design a product that eliminates the need for plastic, and only needs water to activate! Shampoo and conditioners bars have a bad reputation online for taking a while to get used to, but HiBar skips the oily period and goes straight to beautiful hydration for your hair.

Glad Rags Pantyliner Menstrual Pads:

The average menstruator will send up to 16,000 disposable pads, panty liners, and tampons to landfills and will spend an obscene amount buying these products. Glad Rags provide protection for up to 12 hours and come in varieties of sizes and thickness for pads and they have every size menstrual cup with information and instructions on their site.

To Go Ware Bamboo Utensil Set:

Not only is this utensil set biodegradable and cute, the pouch is super convenient with a clip for bags and the pouch is made from recycled plastic water bottles through a process called Repreve that turns the plastic into a sturdy 100% recycled fabric.

photo courtesy of Stacy Brook- link to her City Page review of the Tare Market

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We would love to hear of shops like this where you live and what your favorite things to get are!

Have you found any locally made products that made your zero or low waste switch easier and more fun?

Has anyone been to the Tare Market here in Minneapolis and what was your experience?

For a list of most zero-waste shops across the US check out this awesome site!:

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