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Sustainable Summer? The Essentials You'll Need

Summer is right around the corner. Personally, I have found it difficult to find some sustainable alternatives to all of my summer essentials- including clothes, swimsuits and sunscreen.

I wanted to create this post as a guide for all those that are looking for some great products for their summer season.

I hope you enjoy!

As always, please feel free to share any of your own go-to sustainable products with us.


Did you know? Sunscreen ends up in the ocean and other waterways after you swim or shower it off. Common ingredients like oxybenzone, octinoxate, nano titanium dioxide, and nano zinc oxide can harm coral reefs and sea creatures. As someone who loves being outside in the summer, it was essential for me to find a more sustainable alternative to the brands of sunscreen that I had been using.

  1. My all-time favorite: Raw Elements Plastic Free Sunscreen

  • Features: SPF 30+, broad spectrum, reef safe, biodegradable, water resistant for up to 80 mins, & safe for all ages

  • This option comes in plastic-free tins that make it easy to take on the go (and is ideal for hikes or other outdoor activities)

2. My second favorite: Elevated Sun! Natural Sunscreen

  • Unlike the first option I listed, this one does not contain beeswax- making it 100% vegan friendly!

  • Features: SPF, reef-safe, vegan, & safe for all ages

  • This option comes in a travel-size glass jar that is a perfect size to reuse for other products like scrubs, body butters and more.

3. My daily SPF: Cocokind Daily SPF

  • Features: lightweight, SPF 32, reef-safe & vegan

  • I use this product daily after I moisturize and it has done wonders for my skincare routine. I feel better knowing that I am using a sunscreen that is both vegan and environmentally-friendly.

  • The one drawback with this one is that it comes in a plastic tube.


  1. Sunski's Sunglasses

  • This brand uses SuperLight recycled plastic frames that are sourced from U.S. landfills. All of their sunnies also come with a lifetime warranty and a lens replacement service (to avoid you throwing away a pair of sunglasses due to damaged lenses).

  • Even their shipping is glue and plastic-free, as sunglasses come in paperboard origami boxes.

  • Still not convinced? Sunski donates 12% of profits to various environmental initiatives and are in the process of becoming Certified Carbon Neutral.

2. Proof Eyewear Ethical Sunglasses

  • This brand offers both men's and women's sunglasses and uses a large variety of biodegradable materials, including- "recycled skateboards decks, recycled aluminum, FSC-certified sustainably-sourced wood (including bamboo, lacewood, ebony, and mahogany), and biodegradable cotton-based acetate for their ECO line (short for Environmentally Conscious Optics)" (Sustainable Jungle).

  • Each pair is ready for disassembly and is easily recyclable/compostable.

  • Each pair is handmade and delivered in an eco-friendly sustainably-sourced wood case.


  1. Summersalt

  • This brand has such amazing, inclusive styles and the suits themselves are made from recycled textiles.

  • For shipping, they use reusable bags (win win!).

2. Vitamin A

  • I absolutely love this brand and their styles. They use recycled nylon for their suits and create many of their prints with water-reducing digital technology.

  • On top of that, their packaging boxes are completely recyclable and biodegradable.

-For clothes in general, refer back to this earlier blog post. We give a bunch of recommendations for sustainable clothing brands (and why we love them)!




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