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Speaking of Voting...Know Your Ballot!

Last week we published an extremely informative article comparing our presidential candidates stance on issues that will affect environmental justice, [Read "The 2020 Election- How Your Vote Will Affect the Environment"]. This week we want to help you feel comfortable knowing and understanding your ballot, and provide you with ways to plug in to the larger movement to mobilize voters and voices nationwide.

We must vote like the environment depends on it, because it does! Elect local officials who have values that align with yours to be able to have centralized change take place in your community. We do have power and a voice as citizens, and it is clear that it is up to us individually to inform and educate ourselves!

Important Dates This Fall

National Voting Registration Day: September 22nd

National Vote Early Day: October 24th

Election Day is November 3, 2020

This page from Common Cause provides a wide variety of voter tools, with resources to:

  • Find your polling place

  • Register to vote

  • Check your registration status

  • Request an absentee ballot

  • Find your local election office

  • If you have a felony conviction, learn if you are eligible to vote

  • Get detailed information on your state’s voting laws

This one-stop resource page will prepare you for making an informed vote that will count in this election, and it will also equip you with knowledge so you can feel confident helping others get involved and participate in this critical 2020 election.

You can also find your representatives, how to contact them, bills they’ve introduced, committees they serve on, and political contributions they’ve received by visiting this Common Cause page.

Sign Up To Be An Election Protection Volunteer

They will help you find the best way to get involved — whether that’s monitoring polling places (from your vehicle, or with proper personal safety equipment), watchdogging social media for disinformation, or reaching out to voters to make sure they know their rights. You’ll connect voters with trained legal professionals who can help them navigate the voting process and cast their ballots safely and securely.

Enter your information here to be contacted with someone who will plug you into the best opportunity to connect and empower voters nationwide!

Be An Informed Voter With Ballotpedia

Enter your address to have a “sample” ballot generated for this upcoming election. Click on your candidates to read their biography, view past election results, read their campaign themes and responses to our candidate survey, and more. Click here to begin.

Help Staff Your Local Polling Place

There is a shortage of poll workers nation-wide during this critical 2020 election. Sign up to help your community have as many votes as possible be secure and count. You will be provided with PPE, training, and pay in many districts around the United States.

Click here to learn more and sign up!

If You Are A Climate Voter, Share Your Message On Social Media

“I’m a #ClimateVoter because [list impacts/solutions/actions].

Join me in action: bit.ly/reg2vote_CG @climategenorg #WeAreEnough

Photo courtesy of Power The Polls

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