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Solar Gadgets That Are Cool AND Affordable in 2021

I am so excited to share this article with all of you this week, and I hope that it inspires you to think about renewable energy in a much more accessible and affordable way. 39% of the electricity consumed in the United States comes from coal, and 27% from "natural" gas. If we keep relying on these sources of energy to power every single thing in our life, the operations that produce these resources will need to as well and will contribute further to climate change. All of the products in this article can charge completely in the sun, and have the same power as something that gets plugged into your wall!

I am a college student on a budget, so I honestly believed that owning these cool solar inventions was going to be WAY out of my price range. I was thoroughly shocked and proven wrong while I was researching products and companies for this article, and I was so happy to see that there are lots of people utilizing the amazing power of the sun for energy in daily use items. Every action that you choose makes a difference, so choose renewable energy sources and say no to "dirty" energy!

The Day Tripper Solar Pack - $50

This sleek and compact solar powered charger is a must have for anyone who spends a lot of time on-the-go! It can clip right on to your bag, has two charging ports, and has a built in extra-bright light. For $50, you can have a charger that will last you a lifetime and require no "dirty" energy ever!

Solar Charging Hat - $69.95

This solar snapback hat is such a fun creation, and it would make a perfect addition to your beach bag in the summer! The hat does need to be in direct sunlight to work, and it doesn’t store energy like some of the other things on the list. It has 5 panels right on the brim to give a strong charge while you are out on the go, and the hat is made from cotton fabric. I am excited to gift this hat to my siblings and friends because it is practical and cool at the same time!

Emergency Flashlight Radio - $19-46

These emergency weather radios are SO handy and an essential to have in your life for camping or in case of weather emergencies. The radio can be powered by solar, and even hand cranked if there is not enough sunlight available. The radio also has an LED flashlight and phone charger, with varying strength depending on the model.

Luci Explore Solar Light + Speaker - $52

I am obsessed with this tiny gadget, and am so excited to receive it for my summer camping. This light can be charged with the sun or a USB, and features mood lighting, alarm features controlled by a phone app, and is a Bluetooth speaker!

Inflatable Solar Lantern - $25

This is a simpler lantern model related to the explore light above! It is compact, has an adjustable strap, 65 lumens, is waterproof and lasts up to 24 hours on a single charge. It takes about 7 hours to reach full charge, so it will be ready to go by nighttime if you leave it out during the day!

Solar Security Motion Sensor Lights - $35.99

These motion sensor lights are actually awesome, and they save you money compared to a typical energy sucking motion sensor light. They charge during the day and are entirely solar! These lights are waterproof and super luminous, with the lights covering an angle of up to 270⁰. What’s better than free light and wireless installation?

Heated Solar Shower Bag - $19.99

This heated shower bag allows you to have a portable, heated shower anywhere (as long as there is sun)! The shower bag achieves heat through its PVC material that has the ability to absorb sun rays that keeps heating up the water in the bag. If it stays for about 3 hours under the sunlight, and the water can be warmed up to about 113⁰F. The shower bag has a hose, a shower head and a water tap, with a switch for controlling water flow.

Solar LED Book Light - $15

This is a portable book light with a flexible neck and 2 brightness levels. It’s great for home use and outdoor use, especially for such an accessible price.

OffGrid Solar Backpack - $199

This is an amazing solar backpack that charges all of your devices for you while you are on the go! Now you never have to worry if you forget your charger, or can’t find an outlet while in a workspace. On top of being solar, the bag is made completely from recycled water bottles, and is a really well designed backpack. While it is one of the more pricey solar products on the list, it really is a high-functioning and practical item to own.

Multi-Function Solar Fan - $75

This fan is perfect for home use, outdoor use, and in case of emergencies! It is capable of 7 hours of continuous operation before battery recharging. Besides being a cooling fan charged by the sun, it has a LED Desk Lamp, charges cell phones, and has a radio.

Solar Powered Bluetooth Speaker & Smartphone Charger - $80

This is a really sleek looking speaker, with a battery that can play music for 8 hours, & a solar panel that fully charges in less than 5 hours. It is waterproof and has a radio capability as well. This is one of the more expensive items on our list, but its aesthetic is really nice and it has been reviewed to be very durable.

As always, thank you for reading and cutting the crap! If you have a cool solar gadget that you use in your daily life, please share with us by connecting on our About Page , or through social media!

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