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Shiki Wrap: Zero Waste Gift Wrapping

Wrapping gifts in extravagant bows, paper, ribbons, etc is such a large part of American culture when it comes to birthdays and holidays, but they also create a lot of unrecyclable waste each year (2.3 million pounds annually to be exact). I was struggling to find festive, low-effort wrapping alternatives that would still "wow" my family and friends, so I was incredibly excited to connect with Meagan from Shiki Wraps!

Shiki Wrap is a company that offers reusable gift wrap printed with gorgeous designs printed on a soft, stretchy fabric derived from recycled plastic. The Shiki Wraps are based on the Japanese tradition of furoshiki, which dates back thousands of years.

They are celebrating Global Recycling Day on March 13th by sharing 3 tutorial videos with Megumi Esselstrom that explain the art and "how-to" of traditional Japanese furoshiki wrapping. Megumi was born and raised in northeastern Japan, and she enjoys sharing traditional Japanese culture in her community.

View the video playlist below to learn how to wrap unusually shaped gifts like bottles and bowls, as well as unique ways to tie the Shiki Wraps!

I personally love the Shiki Wraps, and have been wrapping all of my gifts with them since Christmas! They have such a stretchy and silky feeling, and it is so interesting to see how beautiful fabric made from recycled plastic can be. The thing that I love most about the wraps in how you can wrap presents of any shape, no matter how funky! It makes me feel so good to be able to use aesthetically pleasing wrapping again instead of my usual brown paper bag wrapping that my family has had to endure the past few years.

If you are interested in purchasing the Shiki Wraps for yourself, they are launching an ocean-themed collection in 2021, which I am personally so excited for! If you have a minute, please take the time to vote for your favorite ocean-themed design here. They will be announce the winning designs on their Instagram on World Water Day, 3/22/21.

Find the Shiki Wraps website here, and follow Shiki Wrap on Instagram!

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