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"We don’t need a handful of people doing zero waste perfectly. We need millions of people doing it imperfectly". – Anne Marie Bonneau

Every single person on this planet is unique and at a different stage of conscious sustainable living and consumption. We all have different values and passions, which I have come to notice influences how we go about incorporating our journey to be more sustainable into our lives. What are you doing in your life to start this journey to cut the crap? Small changes really do make a difference, inspire others, and lead to even bigger and better changes! It can be inspiring to see how others are adapting and tweaking their lifestyle, and we would love to support you and your story!

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Here is one of my favorite stories from an amazing individual fighting the Line 3 Pipeline here in Minnesota:

Climate change became real to me because of where I was raised. I grew up farming in Southwestern Wisconsin, and farmers I worked for talked about "100 year floods," with the generational knowledge that those devastating events only happen every so often. They had shut down our school and flooded our community in 2008, when I was in middle school. Then they came again in 2015, filling our steep valleys and causing us to lose crops. Now they've come multiple years in a row while I'm away at college, and they're beginning to have hard conversations about moving whole towns out of the valleys- towns already in increasing poverty due to the dairy crisis. Climate change is happening in my community, eroding slowly at what makes life stable and predictable.
​It's with those communities in mind that I stand for climate justice- both trying to reduce my own emissions and calling on leaders to push for a transition to a more sane society; to create an economy geared toward belonging within the natural environment instead of seeking to extract its way out of it. I see how farmers I know are increasingly in the same struggle as Indigenous folks fighting pipelines in Northern Minnesota- simply wanting to stay on the land and hammer out a dignified living with a healthy environment against the pressures of a quickly changing world. That world is increasingly controlled by corporate power and people who live far away from the land. It's transformative to be a part of the climate movement where people are lifting their voices and making changes, but also sinking a bit deeper into their hearts and the ground under their feet to reconnect and heal. That's what we're really longing for- reconnection and healing.
-Joseph M.

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