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Read, Listen, Act, Reflect: The Soapbox Project

It has been so inspiring starting this website and beginning to connect with not only amazing supporters all over the world, but amazing leaders in this climate movement towards a sustainable current and future Earth. Nivi Achanta is the founder of the Soapbox Project, an engaging and activating weekly newsletter that fits into a 4 week module following the format of read-listen-reflect-act for topics including food waste, plastic use, and some great ways to make changes and take action during this pandemic.

Nivi doesn’t have a background in social issues but she believes that we have made it super binary who we think can make change in the world. For example, it is widely believed that the only people “capable” of making change are the government or billionares while on the other hand there are a lot of “normal people” like us who are passionate about making change and who CAN make change. Nivi works in tech consulting, and for her to live her life also promoting and fighting for social issues while having a whole other career should be inspiring to every person who thinks they do not have time to make change. 

One thing that Nivi and I really connected on is the importance of education being the beginning of communication regarding social and climate issues. Nivi remembers learning about recycling in second grade and going home to make sure that her family started recycling immediately. It is a beautiful and hopeful thing to see kids grow up with a worldview that has been shaped with some form of connection and understanding of the Earth, and it is never too late to inform yourself in any way you can. Starting with bite-size pieces of information from the Soapbox Newsletter is one amazing way, and you can check out our Inform Yourself page to get inspired by some films, books, and podcasts. 

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What inspired you to start the Soapbox Project?

“For me it was seeing how much energy we waste on wanting to create positive change, and we talk about all the things wrong with the world and have intellectual conversations with our friends but then that’s it, so I feel like there is so much potential not captured”

Nivi wanted to devise a plan for people like she used to relate to- millenials in the workforce who think that they don’t have time to be engaged and active in climate and social issues. She wanted to make the process as easy and frictionless as possible so there really is no excuse to stay uninformed and not take action. This all started as an education platform until she realized that information and action needed to be in a convenient place so busy people can take action without moving your butt!

Nivi had experience wdoing small business consulting in college and started a sustainable nonprofit chapter in sorority which motivates her to inspire others who aren’t technically in this field to still make change and take action. From her website biography she "started the Soapbox Project to bridge the gap between information and social impact".

No matter where you are in the life you have the power to make a difference!

The Read-Listen-Act-Reflect Method

How effective has the newsletter been for people?

Nivi says that people have really been enjoying the newsletter, especially because of how little time it actually takes to go over the newsletter. She picked this method because obviously 3 minutes isn't enough time to learn enough about a topic, but if you split this topic up in bite-sized pieces over a month it feels like you are continuously surrounded with the same information compared to just reading it once and forgetting about it in two weeks.

The infographics are my personal favorite and are effective for me because they engage me immediately with the information and Nivi says that they are popular and powerful for others as well! Nivi posts recaps of the podcasts shared during the listen week so that busy people can get a quick idea about it, and then have it stored in their mind to come back to later! She gets lots of comments and replies back from her newsletter and she always replies and is engaged which is so nice because it helps you feel part of her community.

What step has been engaged with the most?

To my excitement I found out the the Act step during week three is the most favorite among subscribers! It is rewarding to be able to be shown how to quickly and easily take action after learning about a topic in the first half of the month. For example- during the food waste month you learned about it for the first two weeks and then are giving 9 tips on how to make small changes during your daily routine that cut food waste down by a lot!

If you want more ways to take action check out our Take Action page here!

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Let us know if you sign up for this awesome newsletter! I am subscriber and I truly think that this is one of the least overwhelming ways to stay up to date with current large social issues that are rooted in our societal norm. This is a really great first step towards becoming more aware in your journey! You only have to commit 3 minutes each week and then you can choose to take action on any (or none) of the modules!

**PS: Here is a little quarantine reminder! Get outside and decompress, pick up some litter, and hug a tree!

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