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Listen Up! Podcasts to Help With Your Sustainable Lifestyle

Updated: Jul 26, 2020

I don't know about everyone else... but this pandemic has gotten me hooked on podcasts. They are unbelievably convenient, and I listen to them while I'm doing homework, going for a walk, or folding laundry.

Throughout the past few months I have found amazing podcasts about all aspects of sustainability- and I wanted to share them with you!

The podcasts are organized by topic so that you can pick and choose whichever you are most interested in. I hope these resources help you on your sustainability journey!


1. Conscious Chatter- S04 Episode 158: Boyish On Doing Better Denim- this episode talks about sustainable denim with company Boyish Jeans. Very interesting!

2. Ted Talks Daily- How supply chain transparency can help the planet- talks about supply chains and the importance of company transparency

3. Stuff You Should Know- Planned Obsolescence: Engine of the Consumer Economy- talks about the consumer economy

4. Think: Sustainability- describes the impacts of consumption across all areas of life and looks at new technologies and discoveries that are paving the way for a sustainable future

Sustainable Living:

1. Good Together: Ethical, Eco-Friendly, Sustainable Living- includes daily tips and advice for living a more sustainable lifestyle

- Includes topics such as: Going Plastic-Free, Budget-Friendly Sustainable Living, Clean Beauty, Impact of online shopping and much more!

-I absolutely love this podcast and it has helped me so much on my sustainability journey

2. Eco-Anxiety and The Healing Power of Nature- how connecting to nature can impact our mental, emotional and spiritual well-being

3. The Last Environmentalist- this podcast is one of my personal favorites. It talks about action and hope in the face of climate change and what consumers, citizens, activists and professionals are doing to combat climate change and work for a sustainable future. Always ends on a hopeful and inspiring note!

4. Sustainability Defined- this podcast helps define sustainability one concept at a time. Topics include: climate advocacy, equity in cities, energy efficiency, and much more!

5. On Sustainability- this podcast offers perspectives from policy makers, activists, professors, economists, lawyers and artists on different environmental issues

6. Green Dreamer- features interviews with sustainability leaders, many of whom focus on helping the planet through "ecological regeneration and intersectional sustainability"

7. The Slow Home Podcast- focuses on slowing down, simplifying and focusing on the truly important things in life

8. Sustainababble- podcast about the environment for anyone that is confused!

The Environment:

1. Ted Talks Daily- How we can turn the tide on climate- offers information on Countdown (a global campaign to cut greenhouse gas emissions)

2. Ted Talks Daily-Climate change will displace millions. Here's how we prepare- discusses the predicted "climate migration" that may lead to the displacement of 180 million people by 2100

3. Ted Talks Daily- How to turn climate anxiety into action - asks how we can turn anxious and overwhelmed feelings into something productive

4. Ted Talks Daily- How we could change the planet's climate future- discusses actions we can take to build a sustainable and livable future

5. The Daily- Why Australia Is Burning- talks about the human and environmental costs of the Australian fires disaster

6. Drilled- talks about how the fossil fuel industry created and propelled the spread of climate denial


1. Sourcing Matters- Talks about how we source food and why that matters. Some issues include: food waste, organics, and fisheries, all which make you think about what really goes into the food you eat

2. Hunger and the Environment- connects hunger relief work and environmental sustainability

-check out Episode "Higher Purpose for Food Waste"

3. BBC's The Food Chain- Episode "Can you have your plate and eat it"- talks about edible packaging and if its really a solution or a marketing scam

4. The Urban Farm Podcast- offers information on urban farming topics like composting, beekeeping and more. The hosts talk to and interview regenerative farmers and gardeners from around the world- all my garden lovers will love this one!

I hope these podcasts help you learn something new or inspire you on your sustainability journey!

Action begins hear and now! Use these podcasts as a tool and make sure to keep cutting the crap!

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