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Homemade Cleaner? Let’s Talk.

Urge to clean but can’t go to the store? Want to stay away from harsh chemicals? 

Here's an easy, natural and sustainable way to get your clean on!

I personally try to stay away from harsh or toxic chemicals, as they are not only bad for human health but they end up in landfills or down the drain (harming the natural environment as well).

Instead, I make this super simple orange vinegar cleaner:

*It works on all surfaces except for glass

Here’s how to make it:

  1. Eat some oranges! I saved about a week’s worth of orange peels from oranges that my family ate and kept them in a glass mason jar in the fridge 

  2. I gathered my peels (about 7 oranges) or enough to mostly fill my jar

  3. Cover your orange peels with white vinegar and cover with a lid

  4. Now for the easiest part! Leave your jar alone for 3 weeks to allow it to ferment (the longer it ferments, the more potent the solution will be)

  5. After three weeks, strain with a strainer to separate the vinegar from the orange peels

  6. Combine water with your orange-vinegar solution (50/50) into a spray bottle 

  7. I added 20 drops of an essential oil to make it smell extra good (I used an orange essential oil but any scent will do!)

  8. Compost the leftover orange peels!

It really is that easy to make an effective, safe and all-natural cleaning solution.

I hope you enjoy this easy tutorial! Are you up for this aPEELNG project? 

More info about the effect of toxic cleaners on humans and the environment:



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