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EcoChallenge: Start a Movement Today!

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

What is better than team-building, competing with friends, and making a positive impact in the world? I hope you are on the same page as me and agree that there is nothing better or more rewarding! Project Drawdown is an amazing organization who has come up with an engaging platform for creating an interactive challenge board website that allows you to complete daily goals and contribute points to a team. The best part is you get real time updates on how the actions you are taking are making a real difference!

A little bit about Project Drawdown:

"Drawdown is the point in time when the concentration of greenhouse gases in the Earth's atmosphere begins to decline on a year-to-year basis. Project Drawdown has developed realistic, solution-specific models, technical assessments, and policy memos projecting the financial and climate impacts of existing solutions deployed at scale over the next thirty years. Project Drawdown’s role is not to implement these solutions, but rather to point to how they already are being implemented by humanity around the globe and the potential of these solutions if they are scaled over the next thirty years."

How Do I Create an EcoChallenge Team?

As long as you can find a group of friends, family, or colleagues you are 90% of the way there! Below is the link to the website to start and join with all the resources you could ever need, but I will outline the general process so you can understand how easy and fun it is!

Link to team creation page is here!

Step One: Create a team (or look online for one to join!)

Step Two: Select your actions

-There are selections of one-time challenges and daily challenges! You can choose from topics like food waste, community outreach, women education, family planning, energy use, and so much more (It actually is the coolest site I have seen)

Step Three: Prepare for your actions if needed

-For example: some goals are plant based diet changes, so you would have to prepare a bit cooking wise to be able to attain that goal and earn points for completing

Step Four: Complete your actions and have fun!

-All you do is log on to the app or website dashboard, choose the action you want to do that day, complete it and share your progress with your friends! The best part is that you will continue to get updates and reports on how the specific actions you are taking are making a real impact in the world!

The website has videos, articles, and everything you need to know about this project movement and in starting this fun challenge! I just started a team today and I would love to hear if this inspires anyone to create a team of their own!

Happy Earth Day :)

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