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Celebrate Earth Day 2021!

Are you wondering what you can do to celebrate Earth Day today? We have compiled some ways that you can celebrate either from the comfort of your home, or in your community!

Thank you for being here and working to Cut The Crap. I have so much hope that soon we will treat every day as Earth Day!

Things you can do at home:

-Plant something in your yard! Go to a local garden/plant store and find a native or pollinator planting, some veggies, or something beautiful to keep inside!

-Go on a litter cleanup walk by yourself, or with friends and family!

-Dedicate a few hours to watch some films on environmental issues. Here are a few links with some of our favorites:

*Guide To Understanding Our Ocean Crisis

*2020 Resource Recap

-Feeling extra motivated? Contact your representatives about supporting important issues like the Break Free From Plastic Pollution Act

*For more information on contacting representatives in your state, read our article here.

-Try some sustainability practices around your home like saving electricity and saving water. Have your entire household be extra conscious of making sure nothing is left plugged in and no lights are left on, and make sure you don't leave any water running when it isn't needed on.

-Go for a walk and enjoy this beautiful Earth we are working to protect for future generations!

-Do a Zooniverse project (or a few!) and contribute to global research in a really fun way.

-Read our Beginner Guide To Climate Advocacy to find more ways you can take action at home today!


-Attend a Free Permaculture Class on Zoom at 11 EST today.

-Sign up for a virtual Earth Day Yoga Class at 10 am PDT today.

-Go to a free, online film screening of Chasing Coral, an amazing film on ocean conservation. This discussion takes place at 4 PM EST today.

-Attend this Virtual Sustainability Mixology Class where you can learn how to turn kitchen scraps into delicious drinks. The cost is $15, but it supports the Chicago Lincoln Zoo!

-If you have children, considering joining the Sustainability & STEM Virtual Earth Day Summit. There are activities for all ages, and you are guaranteed going to learn something new too!

For more virtual events, check out this page on Eventbrite.

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