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Buy-Nothing Groups: Your Community Treasure Chest

Updated: Oct 14, 2020

What is a Buy-Nothing Group?

Buy Nothing groups are platforms to give away or trade items you no longer need or want to members of your community. The groups are made on Facebook by the Buy Nothing project, and then moderated by someone in your surrounding neighborhoods! Every group I have been a part of so far in the places I have lived are extremely active with lots to give away. Whether you have appliances, clothes, arts & crafts, garden supplies or plants, or anything else in relatively good condition- someone in your community could most likely use it! Not only will you save money and practice slower consumerism (which is better for the planet!), you may find some cool items you never even knew you wanted or needed.

In my opinion, Buy Nothing groups are one of the best things to exist and I tell every single person I know how amazing I think it is for communities to be able to interact with each other and share items that are going to otherwise be sent to landfills or donated. I just discovered them a year and a half ago, and I can’t believe I had been missing out for so long.

How Do I Find One Near Me?

If there is an established group for your area, there will be a Facebook group made online with an admin to moderate. To find your local Buy Nothing group you can:

-Search “Buy Nothing” and the name of your town or neighborhood into Facebook and see if a group comes up. You may be surprised to find other groups in your area dedicated to keeping unnecessary waste from our landfills!

-Go to the “Find a Group” page on the Buy Nothing project’s website. Every official Buy Nothing group around the world is listed and hyperlinked.

There Isn’t A Group Near Me, How Do I Start One?

The creators of the Buy Nothing project take starting a group pretty seriously, so if you are interested in starting a group for your area you need to be prepared for a few small responsibilities.

To begin, you can fill out Buy Nothing’s Start-a-Group form. Make sure that you can commit to being an admin for the group, which involves volunteering to monitor the group’s activity for 15-60 minutes each day.

If your request gets approved, Buy Nothing will then have you go through a seven-day training session. From there, Buy Nothing will create the official Facebook group for your town, which you can then promote, monitor, and use.

While this seems like a big responsibility, once the group is established and begins to grow you can expand the responsibilities and take a step back. I highly urge anyone who can make a group to do so, it will greatly benefit your community!

Share Your Favorite Finds With Us!

Here are my most recent (and favorite finds) I received from my neighbors! If I am ever in need of a new appliance or item, I always post in my local group first and have been surprisingly lucky.

Share your favorite Buy Nothing group finds on Facebook with the hashtag: #BuyNothingGroupTreasures & be sure to connect with our Facebook page!

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