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Ready, Set, Goal! : Plans For a More Sustainable You

Grab your markers and paper folks- we are making goal sheets! Personally the journey towards reducing waste seemed incredibly daunting in the beginning because I could look at every single aspect in my life and know big changes I needed to make. I honestly had no idea where to start, and I couldn't foresee a future where I actually made worthwhile switches. The best thing I ever did was join a Facebook group dedicated to the journey to zero waste; it was there that I discovered the power of the goal sheet.

I was inspired by seeing others tackle challenges one month at a time, allowing themselves to become comfortable with change and genuinely embrace it instead of becoming overwhelmed and growing to not follow through. This Earth Day I decided to host an online party where I met with five amazing women who are just beginning the journey towards living more sustainably. Like me they did not know where to start but were passionate about wanting to live their lives with awareness. It was really great to be able to support people I knew in feeling empowered and activated in their ability to make small changes in their life with big impacts in the world!

Enough about my love for goal sheets- now it is your turn to make one! There are no rules, regulations, rights, wrongs, etc.; the only thing is that you have to choose goals that you feel passionate about making. Below are some of the lists created from our Earth Day call with goals that are so diverse and unique to each person which is what makes these goal sheets so effective! Some of us chose to tackle one goal per month, while others chose to not give themselves a timeline but rather outline all the goals you are working for at the moment. Goals can be daily, monthly, or one-time! Check out below the photo for a list of some possible goal ideas to get you started.

Goal Sheet Ideas:

- 5 minute shower

-Make household cleaner out of orange peels and vinegar (see recent blog post on this)

-Scan the house every day to unplug anything not in use

-Start a garden

-Start composting/indoor vermicomposting

-Commit to adopting meatless days into your week

-Start bringing a bag and glove (I use an old winter glove) on your walks to pick up stray litter

-Wash clothes on the cold cycle every time and/or air dry clothes and sheets

-Have a week where you do not throw away any food- have fun coming up with new recipes to utilize left over ingredients!

-Build a bird-feeder for your backyard (it can be as simple as a toilet paper tube, peanut butter, and some bird seed!)

-Buying soaps, shampoo, and conditioners in bar form to avoid plastic bottles

-Buy staples in bulk (rice, flour, sugar, tea, coffee)

*make sure you follow proper Covid-19 regulations during this time

-Switch to bamboo toothbrush & toothpaste tabs (be careful making DIY toothpaste!)

-Properly recycle a whole month according to your local rules

I hope that this inspires you to create a goal sheet, or consider creating one in the future so that you can begin the path to a more sustainable you! We would love to see and be inspired by your lists and goals in the comments below.

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