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3 Minute Face Mask!

If you have a bandana and two hairbands laying around then you have everything you need to make this quick, easy, and effective face mask. It is super thick and the hairbands are a nice material on the skin: win-win! Everywhere I go lately I see disposable masks and gloves on the ground and it can be disheartening and frankly infuriating to me. If you can make this simple switch it is a great option while looking for a more permanent reusable face mask with a filter! I just ordered a few reusable face masks from Makwa Studio to support a local Native American artist I have worked with in the past and I will update with photos when they are ready! Comment below photos of the masks you are using during this time- be well and stay healthy!

How Do I Make This?

Step 1: First things first, fold your bandana hot dog style! Make the folds appropriate for how much of your face you want it to take up vertically.

Step 2: Place hairband on each side of the bandana that has been folded lengthwise. The bands should be about where your ears on each each side of you head if you hold up the bandana to your face (hold it the long way). These can be adjusted at any point so this step isn't that critical.

Step 3: Now if you flip this hot-dog style folded creation over the ends of your bandana will look like this. You are going to tuck one side into the other side making sure that it is lined flat along the inside for maximum comfort.

And now you're done! Try on the mask and adjust to the width of your face by pulling apart or pushing in the tucked edges of the bandana from step 3. You do not want the hairbands to be pulling at your ears so make sure that you adjust if you will wear this for a long while.

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