Host a litter cleanup event!

Hosting a litter cleanup event is a fun and easy to organize event that can be adapted for any location and number of participants (you can do it by yourself or as a date)! Below are suggested useful materials and tips for organizing a successful and activating litter cleanup event.

Essential Supplies:

-Trash bags! : Click here to get free bags for a cleanup


-Gloves:Ask people to bring their own, ask local groups to donate


-Sharps container: can use plastic containers that are thick (ie; old laundry detergent container) Check locally for disposal process!

-Grabber: Optional but helpful especially for water areas

-Hand Sanitizer/water/proper clothes/GPS



-Make sure you have a plan on separating recyclables and understand what your community recycling center accepts

-If you are throwing a large event with many participants, make sure to effectively divide up people into areas for maximum reach

-Encourage people to bring friends/family/dates with and to carpool!

-There are no formal rules for this at all- just have fun!

Check out this pdf from American Rivers for a complete guide on hosting a large-scale event:

Contact Your Representatives

1. Contacting Representatives

-Make sure to choose a representative that has the power to take action on a specific topic (as this differs by federal, state, and local levels).

-Use this link to find representatives in your state


2. Write a Personalized Email

-Write your own email rather than using a form or submission box. This is more personal and will most likely have a stronger impact on whichever representative you are reaching out to.

-Again, choose a specific topic. This climate deregulation tracker helps you find proposed changes and why they matter:

-Not sure how to craft your own email? Follow this outline from

  • Who you are: A sentence explaining you're a constituent interested in science and the environment.

  • The legislation you're writing to them about: Outline which issue you'd like to discuss and how it will affect the environment, and call out proposed legislation names specifically.

  • How it affects you: Hate rollbacks of water protections because you grew up swimming at the local lake every summer? Scared for the safety of your drinking water? Put that in your email.

  • What you want your representative to do: Clearly state that you want your representative to oppose deregulation (or vote for a piece of legislation you do want).



3. Call them!

-It is much easier to send an email rather than call a representative directly... which is exactly why phone calls often catch peoples' attention. The Citizen's Climate Lobby provides scripts to use to talk to representatives/their offices, which makes the entire process a bit less stressful.

-Link to this resource


4. Reach out to environmental agencies!

-A lot of people don't know which environmental agencies are in their state. This makes it difficult to find organizations to donate to, volunteer with, or support in general. To make things easier, I am attaching the link to the EPA source that lists Health & Environmental Agencies of each U.S. state and territory.

All you have to do is click on your state!