Zöe Pettit


My journey towards sustainability has been an on-going process throughout my whole life, but the past 3 years have shown me that we must take action and start informing ourselves of all the power we have as citizens to self-organize and make change!

I landed at the University of Minnesota getting my Conservation Biology degree and it has given me so much hope being surrounded by classmates and peers who are as passionate and hungry for change as I am. I have met so many different people from all different types of majors who are now taking sustainability courses so that they can learn how to relate their skills and profession to the movement. I know now there is no other future for me other than in spreading awareness and helping others join this movement in a way that is constructive and accepting of the fact that small steps are the best way to ease people into the climate movement.

My aim for this site is to allow every single person to come here when they feel even the slightest bit activated and have a variety of options of ways to take action in your home, in your community, or world-wide even! It is so easy to feel overwhelmed and scared with everything happening in the climate movement, but it is seen time and time again if you can channel how you feel and push past it will allow you to be the very best activist you can be. We hope this can grow into a network of individuals from all over the world, all ages, and all professions where stories, tips, events, and much more can be embraced and shared.

Thank you for joining the fight to Cut the Crap- I can't wait to join the journey with you!

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